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2024 Summer
Arts Classes
K-8th Graders

Summer is the perfect time for kids to enjoy the arts! Encore! Mt. Morris, a non-profit arts organization in Mt. Morris, is sponsoring some exciting arts experiences the week of
July 22-24, 2024, 10am-noon at the Allure of Pinecrest Grove community center (South McKendrie Ave). Classes are as follows:
Music Class, Beth Nelson Chase, Instructor. Kindergarten through 2nd grade in Fall 2024.
Music and movement sessions will include interactive singing, movement with various rhythms
and musical styles. K-2 kids will also have an opportunity to learn beginning musical notation and
play rhythm instruments in accompaniment to songs and recorded music. These music fundamentals will be used to teach concepts, communicate messages, explore abilities, enhance creativity and have fun!
Visual Arts Class, Sharon Asp and Kelly Handschuh, instructors. 3rd through 5th grade in Fall 2024.
Students will focus on creating their own masterpieces by experimenting with various media such as printmaking, cut paper, pencil drawing, pastels, and painting.  3-5th graders will be encouraged to express their personality in their artwork while having fun!
Theater Class, July 22-23 (A third class will be held in the evening later in the week.) David Sheeley and Performance Arts Guild friends, Instructors, 6th-8th grade in Fall 2024.
The Performing Arts Guild invites youth 6th thru 8th grade to attend an exciting 3-day event in which they will have the opportunity to learn the process of creating a play from the planning stage to when the show is performed. They'll experience how a play is selected, the audition process relating to how the cast is chosen, the concept of set construction, the various areas of the stage, props that are needed, along with costume design and selection. They'll also become familiar with all the important people who work behind the scenes as members of the production team.
Register for any of the three classes below, or fill out the form at the Mt. Morris Village Hall. 
Questions? See the details on the web site, contact mollyb@encoremtmorris.com or leave a message at Village Hall (815-734-6425) and someone will get back to you.

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Registration is Free and Open to the Public!

Please continue all the way through this form and select 'Submit' at the bottom when you are finished. You should receive a confirming email shortly after submitting.

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Music, Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Visual Arts, 3rd – 5th Grade

Theater, 6th – 8th Grade

The theater class will include 1 evening later in the week
Please type the number in blue