Encore! Mt Morris

Painting Our Legacy on The Canvas of History
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Meet Our 2019 A-i-R
Rachel Oliver
Friday, June 7th
6 – 8:00pm
Old Sandstone Gallery

Encore! Mt. Morris is launced a new program in 1018, an Artist-in-Residence (AiR). What is that, you say? An AiR is a practicing artist or college-level art student who can inspire the artist in all of us through art experiences of all kinds!

Our AiR for 2019,
is Rachel Oliver, an art therapy major at Augustana College and a resident of Colorado. Rachel will be starting summer programming the week of June 10, including regular Encore! Kids weekly sessions (Tuesdays, 10-noon, 1-3rd grades; Thursdays, 1:30-3:30pm 4-6th grades), Friday evening walk-on art activities during the band concert, plein-air painting experiences for kids and adults on campus, art activities of interest to adults of all ages, including senior citizens (many ideas in the works). A detailed schedule and registration process is available 'Click Here'.

Rachel can be reached at
RachelO@encoremtmorris.com beginning June 3rd. She will be with us through August 11th.

The historic Mt. Morris College campus contains the oldest building in Mt. Morris, a beautifully preserved sandstone building used for science classes at the College and later converted to Watt Publishing Company. Encore! Mt. Morris has been able to acquire the use of the first floor as a multi-purpose art gallery space. Refurbished, painted and equipped during the summer of 2016 for art displays by volunteers, it has served as the anchor space for Encore! Mt. Morris to host numerous shows.

Regular shows are scheduled throughout the summer months, during the December holiday season, and less frequently at other times during the school year. The gallery is open during the summer Jamboree music concert series (Friday evenings) and Kable Band concerts (Wednesday evenings) and during other community events and festivals, as publicized.