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Painting Our Legacy on The Canvas of History

Hello, Encore! Mt. Morris Friends,

We’ve had three seasons of art shows in the Old Sandstone Gallery with lots of enthusiastic artists AND visitors. Although we have worked here and there to handle some needs in the gallery (painting, fire extinguishers, repair of the front door, thorough cleaning, etc.), we are at the point where we need to do some focused updates, upgrades, and overall improvements to prepare for our upcoming summer season.

Would you be willing to help during some workdays?

We think it would be fun and productive if we worked together to check off our list of needs on a few workdays. Please sign up now, we'll be building the schedule after January 20th:

1. Repair hinge on the back Sandstone door.
2. Cut out damaged drywall and replace with new drywall and mud the walls inside the front door and front/north window. Patch holes in main gallery room prior to painting.
3. Prime and paint the front lobby and large gallery room.
4. Add hanging nails to about 10 places where we need additional nails.
5. Help invent and make a storage system for our brass hooks we use to hang art works on the walls.
6. Improve bathroom TP-dispensing systems and sink hardware.
7. Organize/label gallery operations materials in storeroom. Shelves were purchased this fall which has helped immensely, but clear, labeled storage bins would be a fantastic addition too.
8. Repair door lock in entrance door to the gallery space. Repair door locks to small rooms, as needed.
9. We may think of a few other items!

A couple of display building projects could be done throughout the winter:

1. Build several wood stands [we'll have a pattern/plan to follow] to display sculptures & 3D objects.
2. Build windowsill stands to hold small paintings or objects [patterns provided]).

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